Frequently Asked Questions about refLOAD

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  Q: About refLOAD?  
  A: refLOAD is a platform for files hosted on so-called 1Click-Hosters like and which means we have nearly unlimited storage and can provide lots of different files. Whether you want to downloads something totally for free or whether you have a premium account for any 1Click Hoster – with refLOAD you can!  
  Q: Which 1Click-Hosters are supported by refLOAD?  
  A: The following 1Click Hosters are supported by refLOAD:

  Q: What means 1Click Hoster?  
  A: A so-called 1Click-Hoster is a filehoster providing storage to a user to store multiple data. The main feature is a so-called “one-click” mechanism to upload files. This method is characterized in simply upload/download files without any registration or special download software. That makes it very easy!  
  Q: Are all download-mirrors compatible?  
  A: Yes, all download-mirrors are 100% compatible! That means all files we provide are exactly the same on every 1-Click Hoster.  
  Q: Do I need a premium account for a special 1Click-Hoster?  
  A: A premium account for a special 1Click-Hoster is not required but you can use multiple features like more downloads speed, no waiting period etc. if you have one.  
  Q: Is there any download limit?  
  A: Currently there is no limitation but this is down to the filehoster so we are not able to infect this.  
  Q: Is downloading totally free of charge?  
  A: In general downloading is totally free of charge but you have the possibility to buy a premium account very cheap. The prices can be looked up at the specific filehoster. refLOAD acts only as intermediaries in this case.  
  Q: Can I link downloads from refLOAD on my website?  
  A: Yes, you are allowed to link all refLOAD downloads on your website.  
  Q: Are the offered downloads legal?  
  A: Yes, all offered downloads are checked and 100% legal. A rule violation can be reported directly via eMail:  
  Q: Is refLOAD selling goods?  
  A: refLOAD is not selling any goods itself. We are participant of the Amazon Europe S.à.r.l. partner program. Our Amazon-partner store is currently only available for customers located in Germany.  
  Q: For what reason shall I register myself in the forum?  
  A: If you register yourself in our forum you are able to get in contact with other users and talk about different things like games or software. You will also find a wish-list for new downloads. In future we will also provide a newsletter to inform about changes and new downloads at refLOAD.